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Collaboration with Industry

NRS works alongside industry to maintain Scotland’s position as a world leader in research

Scotland is a global centre of excellence for clinical research with an ability to deliver translational projects that meet research, clinical and commercial objectives. We efficiently support clinical research studies from all Life Science sectors including pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology companies; and simplify access to Scotland’s clinical research infrastructure including world-class facilities, expert investigators and well-characterised groups of patients.

Key benefits:

  • A single point of contact for industry
  • Single contract draft and commercial price for Scotland
  • Study-Level Coordinated Pharmacy Review and cost
  • Co-ordinated access to clinical investigators and patients
  • Strong collaboration between NHS, academia and industry
  • Streamlined and timely clinical trial approvals
  • Sustained permissions performance among the best in Europe
  • Efficient start-up
  • Managed delivery.

“After engaging with many countries/organisations around the world, we see the work already completed in Scotland as somewhat uniquely placed to make Scotland a cubicle for the convergence of improved healthcare and targeted therapeutic research. Coupled with that, their ongoing commitment and vision to include genetic and diverse information sources, will make Scotland a focal point for driving stratified medicine, population health management and outcomes research, across the whole globe.”

Dr Gavin Nichols,
Vice President, Research and Development Innovation,