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Supporting Research

Scotland operates a centralised system to support clinical research in Scotland and improve quality, efficiency and co-ordination. Working on a pan-Scotland basis a responsive infrastructure has been implemented to encourage researchers to bring studies to Scotland and ensure that obtaining R&D permission is a smooth and rapid process. This centralised system offers several advantages:

  • Single submission of documents
  • Co-ordinated access to clinical investigators and patients
  • Co-ordinated contract and budget review
  • Co-ordinated study-level pharmacy review
  • Model clinical trial agreements
  • Single costing for all studies using NIHR costing tool to reflect protocol requirements
  • Centralised project co-ordination
  • Efficient and prompt approval for study start up
  • National oversight via clinical networks
  • Performance management
  • Strong communication.

Scotland is also supporting a new programme of work to ensure compatible and consistent ways of working across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland further developing the UK as a cohesive and streamlined place to undertake research within the global economy.