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Scottish applicants encouraged to join an NIHR committee and shape the future of research

Scottish applicants encouraged to join an NIHR committee and shape the future of research

28th March 2024

In a further boost to cross-UK research, the Scottish research community is being encouraged to join NIHR funding committees

It was announced last year that health and social care researchers in the devolved administrations will have increased access to health and social care research funding opportunities via the National Institute for Health and Care Research. It is now essential Scotland representatives form part of professional and public committees that make important research decisions.  

NIHR committees recommend health and social care research projects to fund or prioritise. They help to ensure that research is high quality, robust and represents good value for money; and provide independent input, assessing research briefs and proposals.

These committees are composed of individuals with the broad spectrum of knowledge, skills and experience needed to get a well-rounded view of research needs and research assessment.

A range of roles are being encouraged to apply - academics, subject experts, clinical staff, service managers, health, social care and public health professionals.

Being part of a committee can:

  • Aid your professional development
  • Offer an opportunity to explore different research topics
  • Allow you to share your expertise and influence decisions in vital research areas
  • Provide networking opportunities

There are different types of committees depending on the role they need to play.

Prioritisation committees read topic documents and research briefs. They assess the documents and contribute to the development of research questions. Some prioritisation committees also review stage one research proposals. Funding committees critically assess and prioritise research proposals for funding.

The time commitment for roles varies but is around 6 to 12 days per year.

If you would like to become a professional committee member, review the opportunities on the NIHR website and apply online by 22 May 2024.

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