Patient and public involvement in critical care

Patient and public involvement in critical care

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Patient and public involvement in critical care

14th March 2023

Critical Care research in Scotland has been particularly busy throughout the pandemic and given the nature of the patient population, patient and public involvement can come with challenges. However over the past year as we work towards the deliverables of the Shared Commitment, NRS Critical Care have been thinking about how we can work smarter to harness  important patient and public involvement. Here we reflect on some recent activity. 


The Chief Scientist Office (CSO) Precision Medicine funded TRAITS trial is focused on precision medicine in Critical Care and has been working with PPI partners from the very beginning of the study. However, it was important to expand this group to be more diverse and include former critical care patients and their family members from across Scotland. This has presented an opportunity for us to use the TRAITS Trial PPI group to establish a PPI in Critical Care for the NRS Network and for Scotland.

We are in the early phase of expanding this work out across Scotland, so if you or your family have experience of critical care, and want to get involved in TRAITS, other critical care studies, or your ideas for research then we will be very happy to hear from you. 

If you have an interest in joining a critical care research panel, please contact

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