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Patient, carer and public information

NHS Research Scotland is committed to actively involving patients, those who care for them and the public in all aspects of the research process, including shaping future research activity.

The Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Government Public Engagement Group

The Chief Scientist Office (CSO) currently has a group of volunteers (members of the Public) who form the CSO Public Engagement Group. The Group is co-chaired by Miss Barbara Lamb and the Head of CSO.

The Group membership consists of 11 volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds but all have an interest in the NHS and Health Research in Scotland.

The main role of the Group is to provide a lay perspective on the activities of the CSO to ensure that the public view is taken into account in relevant policy and funding issues. Read more

NIHR Involve

INVOLVE was established in 1996 and is part of, and funded by, the National Institute for Health Research, to support active public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research. It is one of the few government-funded programmes of its kind in the world.

As a national advisory group, its role is to bring together expertise, insight and experience in the field of public involvement in research, with the aim of advancing it as an essential part of the process by which research is identified, prioritised, designed, conducted and disseminated. Read more

SHARE, the Scottish Health Research Register

An NHS Research Scotland initiative created to establish a register of people, aged 11 and over, interested in participating in health research and who agree to allow SHARE to use the coded data in their various NHS computer records to check whether they might be suitable for health research studies. This access can be incredibly useful when it comes to developing new treatments and cures for a wide variety of health conditions. Read more

UK Standards for Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

The UK Standards for Public Involvement provide clear, concise statements of effective public involvement against which improvement can be assessed.