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Children and Clinical Research: Ethical Concerns

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Well-conducted clinical research with children and young people is essential if we are to improve our understanding of childhood disease, and provide healthcare based on the best possible evidence. However, professionals and parents often feel uneasy about asking children to take part in research because of potential risks or burden.

In order to try to address these concerns Nuffield Council on Bioethics have released a new report, Children and Clinical Research: Ethical Concerns. The report looks at the ethics of involving children in research, and at the roles and responsibilities of children, parents/guardians, and professionals. Central to the report is the idea that from a young age, children have a role in determining their own lives and should be seen as active participants in research. A magazine version and a short animation are also available. - See more at:

The SEATON Study at Fifteen....The Movie

The SEATON study was designed to answer the question "Does mother's diet during pregnancy affect her unborn child's risk for getting asthma and allergies?"

2000 mothers were recruited between 1997 and 1999 and the study tracked them and their children until it closed in early 2015. This video tells the story....