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Get Involved

High quality research, good recruitment and improved health outcomes for children, depend on listening to the voices of children and young people, as well as their families and carers.

Children, families, carers and members of the public can get involved by voluntarily taking part in research, or by helping to shape research.

NRS Children's has set up a Young Persons’ Group to act as advocates for young people in clinical trials in Scotland.

Role of the YPG:

  • Advocates for young people in research
  • Consultees e.g. NRES Guidance on Information sheets
  • Comment on protocols, reporting methods and questionnaires
  • Comment on the age appropriateness of information sheets, consent forms and assent forms
  • Comment on materials, apps and diaries produced for children in clinical trials.

A document giving a detailed description of YPG strategy and main activities to date is available alongside a poster outlining the main activities of the group.

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