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Trainee Research Network

The Ophthalmology Trainee Research Network is an initiative to support trainees to develop and conduct research in Ophthalmology in Scotland. The aim of the group is to develop more home-grown research and to support the next generation of researchers by providing them with the skills and experience necessary to develop and conduct research. This is a UK-wide Specialty Group priority, supported by National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. 

The NRS Ophthalmology team are keen to hear from any aspiring researchers so that we can help support you to find the right funding. Please contact us on and

Scottish Ophthalmology Trainee Research Award

Congratulations to Dr Chloe Shipton from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde who has been awarded the Ophthalmology Trainee Research Award (OTRA) for 2022/23. The OTRA supports Scottish Ophthalmology Trainees to develop a one-year research project within their post. The award provides funding for protected time to contribute to, conduct and lead ophthalmology research. This will strengthen the research culture and increase research capacity within ophthalmology. 

This opportunity was funded in partnership between Santen, the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) and NHS Fife.